3 Aspects to Consider before Investing in Offsite Storage Solutions during Home Renovation

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Preparation

Cluttered room that needs clearing for renovations

Whether you’re planning on giving the green light to an ample home renovation project, or simply want to implement a few decor changes to maximize the appeal and functionality of your property, you might want to analyze some of the most convenient storage solutions that could simplify your work and help de-clutter the area while renovations take place.

Aside from protecting your valuables, affordable and practical storage options offer easy access to your assets around the clock, and also make it easier for you to de-clutter your premises and see your indoors and outdoors as a blank canvas that you could customize to your absolute satisfaction.

3 Key Factors to Consider before Choosing Offsite Storage Space

However, it is important to acknowledge that no two storage solutions are alike; on the contrary, offsite storage space varies a great deal in terms of price tag and benefits; this is precisely why you should consider the following three aspects before choosing a spot where you could deposit your belongings to turn your home renovation into a more straightforward and rewarding assignment.

  1. Space.

    Empty Storage SpaceStart by figuring out how much space you need and what type of storage solution would work best for you. You could choose to rent a storage unit provided by a nearby facility like the Perth Storage Center I use, or opt for a storage container that could be sent to you by a local company. The latter option ensures easy access to your goods. You would just have to load your container to clear out all the space targeted by your remodeling project, and send it to a secure local storage center or keep it onsite. As soon as your work is done, you can call your providers and ask them to pick up the empty storage container.

  2. Features.

    Also, choose the best offsite space for your valuables based on the characteristics of the items that you wish to deposit. For example, certain categories of household contents, such as delicate garments, bedding, furniture, artwork and electronics, may require special storage conditions to preserve their great looks, functionality and value. When putting away such contents, it is highly recommended to go for a space with additional features, such as humidity and temperature control.

  3. Price.

    Finding the best priceGiven that remodeling projects can trigger significant costs, finding a cost-effective storage solution is probably one of your top priorities. The good news is that one could easily find a storage solution that is secure, convenient and affordable at the same time, online, with just a few clicks. If you’re interested in renting storage units, use size calculators to determine how much space you will realistically need to accommodate all your personal effects. Also, it may be a good idea to organize all the belongings that you need to deposit offsite in one of your spare rooms, to figure out how you could prioritize and group your goods to save time and money.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to discuss your options in terms of offsite storage with your dependable home renovation specialists who could guide you towards the most accessible and convenient option available near you.

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