Tips on Dealing with a Piano when Renovating

Posted by on Mar 17, 2017 in Relocating

Tips on Dealing with a Piano when Renovating

Dealing with a piano when renovating can be quite difficult. It is certainly one of the biggest devices that you have around the house. Now that you are renovating the place, you will need to get the piano out of the way so you can get the work done. This can be quite tricky as you would not want to damage it along the way. It does help immensely when you have an idea how you should maneuver your way into getting it moved to a right spot in the house while all the home improvements are going on.

Always start by assessing first which part of the house you will want to start doing the work first. It is always best that for projects like these, you will identify which places you would start first. Doing the task one room at a time prevents you from getting overwhelmed by the immensity of the task. So, this is an excellent time for you to check which areas you need to take care of first, so you will get the piano out of the way and into the right room where it is not going to be affected by all the work.

Elevated Piano

You will have to decide whether it is a good idea to move to or just to leave it as it is. It is a known fact that moving it is going to take a lot of hard work; it is going it be a real challenge that it is a task that would require more than just a single pair or hands alone. However, you do have to consider the fact leaving it in a room where there are a lot of work that will be going on would likely mean that it I going to be subject to dust and debris the chances of to getting scratched as the work progresses are high too.

Assess too if you are going to do the moving yourself or if you would rather employ the help of the professionals. They are a lot of homeowners that would not want to take chances and would rather get the experts caring for the moving of the instrument themselves. This would mean additional costs for you to cover, though. So, it is important to you check first that this is something that you can afford to cover on top of the costs of the renovating that you are doing.

Doing it on your own would often mean that you can only move it a few inches across the room. If you plan on getting it cleared out of the room then you will need to have more than just a few pairs of hands. You can enlist the help of other family members to make to possible for you to get it moved where you need it to.

When in doubt, though, call the experts. There are moving providers that you can get assistance fro. They have trained and experienced customers, and for a fee, you can trust that they will do a much better job at getting the unit transferred to you. If your a piano lover, check out our latest post that covers the best piano tuning tips.

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Some Tips on How to Tune Your Piano

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Some Tips on How to Tune Your Piano

An out of tune piano is no good. Imagine having to play through the keys, and you end up with a not so impressive sound, and you will certainly want to find ways that you can remedy that. While it should be that hard to tune your piano, a lot of people increasingly find it hard to do so on their own. Still, there are a lot of things that you need to consider to make sure that you get it to sound right afterward.

You will find that the whole tuning process is relatively straightforward to do. Mechanically, it is not that difficult to do. But it is in mastering it that people tend to have a problem with for those that are still beginning to understand the makings of their instrument, it can be tough, but the more times you try and tune the instrument, the better you will usually be at it.

You will need to have the right tuning tools to get the instrument to sound the way it should sound. A process like this will require the presence of these tools to make sure that you get to have it in a state where it is ready to play. You will find that a set of tuning tools that are of excellent quality will not cost that much. They last long and they will be less expensive to purchase to when compared to how much you will need to pay for a professional tuning service.

How to tune your piano the easy way.

You are going to need a good lever. It is also referred to as a wrench key or a hammer. It is designed to if not the pins of the piano. For it to work best for your instrument, it needs to be firm-handled. It is important for it to securely fit the pin too so using it to tune the instrument. If the lever is not of good quality, though, it is likely to not fit well with the pins. It will ruin the feel in the process. There are even cases where it can get stuck or even damage the instrument.

You will want to invest on chromatic tuner too, the electric kind. This is considered an essential, especially for the amateurs. This is a good reference when it comes to the notes that are in the middle octave. This is a device which can hear the tone in which the instrument is nearest, and hence, it can adjust the display to successfully match the readings without any need for you to have to press any more buttons in the process. They do come in different styles and brands so go for the well-reviewed ones to ensure that it is going it truly be most useful for you when getting the piano tuned.

Having mutes would be a good idea too. They are cheap, and they come in a variety of sizes. A variety of mutes with rubber wedges will be a good set to have to get you started so, getting your piano tuned to the right tone is going to be easier since you have the tools to use.

If your looking to renovate and need to move your beloved piano, check out our previous post on piano moving tips.

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Move Your Piano

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Move Your Piano

Part of doing some home improvement is to ensure that you get the rest of the fixtures in your home positioned in a way that matches how you would expect the whole interior to look like. This is important especially since the ambiance, the design, and the overall feel of your indoors can be affected by how you get things placed around. If you are one of those people that have musical instruments in the house- not only to serve as a focal point and a beautiful figure- but one that you play too, see to it that you are moving it right.

Piano Removal Services

You’re probably not thinking about if you should move your piano or not, at the beginning. Only to find out later that there is a need for you to do so since it does not seem to be positioned right. In this case, you are going to need to find out how you can do so the right way. The last thing you want is to break it or damage it in the process. Getting an idea how you should carry out such an immense task would be helpful. Here are tips for you.

It is necessary that you know your instrument well. The piano in your home is most likely the largest and the most sophisticated device that you have inside your home. Naturally, you want to see to it that steps are taken to ensure that when it is moved from one point to the next, then you need to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to avoid it getting damaged and broken in the process.

Should you consult with professionals?

It is a good idea to consult the professionals ahead of time to know what are the things that you can expect if you are going to make a move. You might want to make inquiries about the services that they are going to extend. If it is well within your budget to tap their assistance, then it would make sense for you to seek them out. This way, you are confident that the piano can be moved with as much care and caution as is necessary to keep it in one piece afterward.

If their service is not something that you would be willing to pay for, your next step would be to plan how you are going to d the move. It is the best hat you get the area where you expect to b n the path of the piano cleared out accordingly. Any obstacle that is on this road should be removed to avoid you tripping over it or the objects scratching the device as it is being moved.

Make sure that the legs of the piano are properly removed to before the instrument is moved. This is because the legs tend to be one of the most delicate parts of the device and hence, can easily break when it is moved wrong while it is still attached to the instrument. Once it has been placed in the right spot, make sure that you get it tuned to ensure that it is indeed n tune and ready for you to play.

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5 Things That You Should Ask Yourself before Contacting a Team of Removalists

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Relocating

While we had our house renovated and landscaped 3 years back, we decided it would be best to move to a relatives empty home across state to allow for all the work to be completed. From start to finish was a massive task with the whole back yard being re-done, extra extensions being built on and beside the house and a new driveway being installed.

Relocating to a new location while renvations take place

If you find yourself in the same boat and moving a large distance while your home gets built, renovated or recreated, this post is for you.

Relocating For Renovations

A relocation to any city in Australia can get very costly and stressful, especially when families don’t plan ahead every single step involved by their transfer. Who will pack and ship all those boxes? Who will help reorganise the contents inside the new house or apartment? What types of personal effects have to transported?

There are only a few off the most important questions that any individual should have in mind when creating a basic moving checklist. To simplify the whole process even further, here are five questions that you should have in mind before calling your favourite team of removalists.

    1. What Kind of Packaging Materials Do I Need?

      A big move will also enable homeowners to re-evaluate their bond with their personal belongings. Profit from this opportunity to scan your collections and toss, donate or sell the things that will most likely start gathering dust inside your home. Based on the size and category of the items that you wish to hold on to, buy quality packaging materials designed to keep your goods safe and secure in transit.

    2. Do I Require Special Storage and Transportation Conditions?

      Movers moving furniture to special storageAfter figuring out what kind of materials you need and how many contents you have to organise and put away, ask yourself the following question: how will you ship your valuables? Ideally, you should consider working closely with a company specialising in art packing, shipping and transportation, especially if you own many paintings, sculptures and other artworks that require special storage conditions while in transit. Such companies normally use a custom storage system added to climate-controlled vehicles to keep your valuables in excellent condition while travelling from your old house to your new residence or any other location.

      Even when you do not have artwork or breakables using a moving company like this will greatly increase the chances of all your belonging being looked after more effectively.

    3. When Do You Move Out?

      Also, ask yourself questions related to the duration of your relocation. By figuring out how much time you will need to complete this assignment you could create a more accurate moving checklist with your removalists, and avoid being turned down by any company because of an extremely busy schedule. In addition, advance planning would also give you the chance to compare the services and rates of several companies, and do business with the one whose offer is more compatible with your demands, budget and expectations.

    4. Do You Require Assistance in Unpacking?

      In most situations, homeowners require the help of professional removalists, considering that unpacking demands plenty of strength and time. If you can’t rely on your friends or family members when it comes to unpacking and reorganizing your things inside your home, choose a team of movers offering this essential service at convenient rates.

    5. How Much Space Is Available inside Your New Home?

Empty House

In other words, how much space could you really count on inside your new home? You can answer this question in an accurate manner by analysing the layout of your property. Several online tools can help you visualize changes, such as the way in which you could rearrange your furniture to create more space for all your household contents.

With these key questions in mind, call the most reputable movers in your area, discuss prices and benefits, and make the most informed decision regarding the removal process that will help you start fresh in a new environment.

Thanks for reading the blog, for more information or to ask about how we managed having our home renovated while we were out of state, make sure to contact me.

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3 Aspects to Consider before Investing in Offsite Storage Solutions during Home Renovation

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Preparation

Cluttered room that needs clearing for renovations

Whether you’re planning on giving the green light to an ample home renovation project, or simply want to implement a few decor changes to maximize the appeal and functionality of your property, you might want to analyze some of the most convenient storage solutions that could simplify your work and help de-clutter the area while renovations take place.

Aside from protecting your valuables, affordable and practical storage options offer easy access to your assets around the clock, and also make it easier for you to de-clutter your premises and see your indoors and outdoors as a blank canvas that you could customize to your absolute satisfaction.

3 Key Factors to Consider before Choosing Offsite Storage Space

However, it is important to acknowledge that no two storage solutions are alike; on the contrary, offsite storage space varies a great deal in terms of price tag and benefits; this is precisely why you should consider the following three aspects before choosing a spot where you could deposit your belongings to turn your home renovation into a more straightforward and rewarding assignment.

  1. Space.

    Empty Storage SpaceStart by figuring out how much space you need and what type of storage solution would work best for you. You could choose to rent a storage unit provided by a nearby facility like the Perth Storage Center I use, or opt for a storage container that could be sent to you by a local company. The latter option ensures easy access to your goods. You would just have to load your container to clear out all the space targeted by your remodeling project, and send it to a secure local storage center or keep it onsite. As soon as your work is done, you can call your providers and ask them to pick up the empty storage container.

  2. Features.

    Also, choose the best offsite space for your valuables based on the characteristics of the items that you wish to deposit. For example, certain categories of household contents, such as delicate garments, bedding, furniture, artwork and electronics, may require special storage conditions to preserve their great looks, functionality and value. When putting away such contents, it is highly recommended to go for a space with additional features, such as humidity and temperature control.

  3. Price.

    Finding the best priceGiven that remodeling projects can trigger significant costs, finding a cost-effective storage solution is probably one of your top priorities. The good news is that one could easily find a storage solution that is secure, convenient and affordable at the same time, online, with just a few clicks. If you’re interested in renting storage units, use size calculators to determine how much space you will realistically need to accommodate all your personal effects. Also, it may be a good idea to organize all the belongings that you need to deposit offsite in one of your spare rooms, to figure out how you could prioritize and group your goods to save time and money.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to discuss your options in terms of offsite storage with your dependable home renovation specialists who could guide you towards the most accessible and convenient option available near you.

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