5 Things That You Should Ask Yourself before Contacting a Team of Removalists

5 Things That You Should Ask Yourself before Contacting a Team of Removalists

Posted by on Sep 19, 2016 in Relocating

While we had our house renovated and landscaped 3 years back, we decided it would be best to move to a relatives empty home across state to allow for all the work to be completed. From start to finish was a massive task with the whole back yard being re-done, extra extensions being built on and beside the house and a new driveway being installed.

Relocating to a new location while renvations take place

If you find yourself in the same boat and moving a large distance while your home gets built, renovated or recreated, this post is for you.

Relocating For Renovations

A relocation to any city in Australia can get very costly and stressful, especially when families don’t plan ahead every single step involved by their transfer. Who will pack and ship all those boxes? Who will help reorganise the contents inside the new house or apartment? What types of personal effects have to transported?

There are only a few off the most important questions that any individual should have in mind when creating a basic moving checklist. To simplify the whole process even further, here are five questions that you should have in mind before calling your favourite team of removalists.

    1. What Kind of Packaging Materials Do I Need?

      A big move will also enable homeowners to re-evaluate their bond with their personal belongings. Profit from this opportunity to scan your collections and toss, donate or sell the things that will most likely start gathering dust inside your home. Based on the size and category of the items that you wish to hold on to, buy quality packaging materials designed to keep your goods safe and secure in transit.

    2. Do I Require Special Storage and Transportation Conditions?

      Movers moving furniture to special storageAfter figuring out what kind of materials you need and how many contents you have to organise and put away, ask yourself the following question: how will you ship your valuables? Ideally, you should consider working closely with a company specialising in art packing, shipping and transportation, especially if you own many paintings, sculptures and other artworks that require special storage conditions while in transit. Such companies normally use a custom storage system added to climate-controlled vehicles to keep your valuables in excellent condition while travelling from your old house to your new residence or any other location.

      Even when you do not have artwork or breakables using a moving company like this will greatly increase the chances of all your belonging being looked after more effectively.

    3. When Do You Move Out?

      Also, ask yourself questions related to the duration of your relocation. By figuring out how much time you will need to complete this assignment you could create a more accurate moving checklist with your removalists, and avoid being turned down by any company because of an extremely busy schedule. In addition, advance planning would also give you the chance to compare the services and rates of several companies, and do business with the one whose offer is more compatible with your demands, budget and expectations.

    4. Do You Require Assistance in Unpacking?

      In most situations, homeowners require the help of professional removalists, considering that unpacking demands plenty of strength and time. If you can’t rely on your friends or family members when it comes to unpacking and reorganizing your things inside your home, choose a team of movers offering this essential service at convenient rates.

    5. How Much Space Is Available inside Your New Home?

Empty House

In other words, how much space could you really count on inside your new home? You can answer this question in an accurate manner by analysing the layout of your property. Several online tools can help you visualize changes, such as the way in which you could rearrange your furniture to create more space for all your household contents.

With these key questions in mind, call the most reputable movers in your area, discuss prices and benefits, and make the most informed decision regarding the removal process that will help you start fresh in a new environment.

Thanks for reading the blog, for more information or to ask about how we managed having our home renovated while we were out of state, make sure to contact me.

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